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Bom dia

We produce in Portugal

Welcome to our partner factory located in the scenic North of Portugal employing around 20 people. Originally, it was a sock company that had already had experience for almost 30 years in the business.

In 2016, they started to expand by producing fabrics and around one year later they extended the business once again, bringing fabric cutting and confection to the mix.

Griaß di

We embroider in Austria

The next step is embroidery - stitching designs that are as beautiful and vibrant as Waldviertel, the region in Austria where our partner company "STITCHED" is located.

It's a small family business run by Melanie and Robert that make sure themselves all pieces look perfect and everything is delivered on time.


We ship from Vienna

Once our clothes are embroidered, we store them in our warehouse in Vienna. There they wait for cool people like you to buy then.

Look and feel good about your fashion choices! You are supporting a small business, located in Vienna. We ship your orders 4 times per week and pack every single shipment ourselves!